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    【Based on the Manga by】Shirow Masamune
    【Creative Director】Nobumichi Asai
    【Construction】Junichi Fujisaku
    【Character Design】Kazuchika Kise
    【Planning】Production I.G

    【Director】Hiroaki Higashi [stoicsense inc]
Experience a new sensation. The sensation of becoming someone else.

The VR generation to surpass previous ones: VR2.0. Next generation technology brings the cyberspace to life. Cybernetically hack into the universe of "Ghost in the Shell" and experience new sensations.



"Ghost in the Shell" is not SF anymore.
Ghost in the Shell, a parrallel world where cyberized humans and androids carrying their own will (their own ghost) coexist.

This world is getting closer and closer to becoming reality.

The globalization of internet and smartphones, the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, the production of 3D-printed prosthetics, the evolutions of researches on synthetical skin, kidneys and DNA...

What used to be seen as science fiction is now possible thanks to current technological advances. We can say our world is headed towards an "age of cyberpunk".

"Cyberpunk" is a SF genre set in near future where human bodies and minds are digitally and biologically enhanced, and communications take place on a large-scale network.

Acclaimed representant of the genre, "Ghost in the Shell" carries both positive and alarming messages for our society.

For instance, the cyberization of the brain and of the body "makes unclear the line between humans and "what is not human"", disrupts human logic and beliefs, and has been stirring debates all over the world.

"What is human existence?"
"What is a soul?"
"How will technology change humanity?"

Creative Director
Nobumichi Asai


The Advent of Virtual Reality 2.0
Virtual Reality is an "illusion of reality" created with computer graphics and sound effects.

The concept, first designed by the American scientist Ivan Sutherland in 1968, has become a reality more than 40 years later.

Many forms of VR technology have been announced this year, and VR devices are rapidly getting more accessible and popular. This is undoubtedly the start of a VR2.0 era.

Using the latest kinds of "VR dome" and "VR device" notably, this project recreates an imaginary world more realistically than any VR before, directly into your "cyberbrain".

With this advanced VR technology, we take up the challenge of providing our users with a new experience, that of diving into a world where VR is abundant, the world of "Ghost in the Shell".

This virtual universe will captivate you with unique sensations.

Let your eyes and brain experience a new form of Virtual Reality: VR2.0.


A World of Purity: HOLY GROUND
"To end the war and protect my wife, I must delete you all…"

Japan, 2025. Technology has been advancing more and more rapidly.

"Brain cyberization" that makes possible direct connections to information networks via the brain, the technology of "prosthetic bodies" that allows humans to change their body parts into cybernetical ones; in this world where such scientific advances have become common, a bombing attack threat is sent to the Japanese government.
The target is an international meeting involving dignitaries from the Republic of Kuzan. The case is entrusted to the Ministry of Home Affairs' Public Security Section 9.

Section 9's leader, the full-cyborg Motoko Kusanagi, assembles her team and heads off to trap and eliminate the terrorist.



Application Informations

■2017.04.14 Latest update
We have updated the app to resolve the following issue:
-The download process of the movie data has been discontinued by making a smartphone vertical while the process has been in progress.
The download screen of the latest app has been made into 2D.

■2017.03.17 The smartphone app finally launches!
 The "GHOST IN THE SHELL: THE MOVIE Virtual Reality Diver" smartphone app has finally launched! Download it now on your smartphone to experience the fully immersive 360°3D video.

◇Name: GHOST IN THE SHELL: THE MOVIE Virtual Reality Diver
◇Launch: 2017 March 17th (Japanese only) / 2017 June (English dub)
◇Price: Download free  In app purchase:$3.99 (tax included) / ¥480 (tax included)
◇System compatibility: iOS 9.1 or above / Android™ 4.4 or above

*The app might not run correctly on certain devices.
*VR goggles for smartphone are required to watch this app’s video content.
*Please refrain from children under 13 years of age.
*The data of the main part is approximately 2GB. We recommend that you download the data with wifi. Please also check your smartphone’s capacity of the storage before downloading.

※Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
※Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.


【Motoko Kusanagi】Elizabeth Maxwell 【Batou】Christopher Sabat 【Logicoma】Jad Saxton 【Okitatsu Oribe】Marc Diraison 【Yuri】Stephanie Sheh


【Based on the Manga by】
Shirow Masamune
【Creative Director】
Nobumichi Asai [WOW inc.]
Junichi Fujisaku [Production I.G]
【Character Design】
Kazuchika Kise [Production I.G]
Production I.G
Hiroaki Higashi [stoicsense inc]

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Feel free to contact us for any info about “GHOST IN THE SHELL: THE MOVIE Virtual Reality Diver” at the e-mail address below. Inquiries concerning HMD demo events and/or dome portable theater projections are also welcome.

  • SIGN
  • Production I.G

©Shirow Masamune・Production I.G/KODANSHA・GHOST IN THE SHELL: THE MOVIE.COMMITTEE.All Right Reserved.

攻殻機動隊 新劇場版


【Motoko Kusanagi】Maaya Sakamoto 【Batou】Kenichirou Matsuda 【Logicoma】Miyuki Sawashiro 【Okitatsu Oribe】Ryouta Takeuchi 【Yuri】Sayaka Ohara
【Based on the Manga by】Shirow Masamune 【Creative Director】Nobumichi Asai [WOW inc.] 【Construction】Junichi Fujisaku [Production I.G] 【Character Design】Kazuchika Kise [Production I.G] 【Planning】Production I.G 【Director】Hiroaki Higashi [stoicsense inc] 【Producer / Technical Director】Nobumichi Asai 【Art Director / CGI Producer / CGI Superviser】Hiroaki Higashi 【Music】Hideaki Takahashi 【Sound Effect】Mizuki Ito 【MA Mixing Engineer】Kazuyuki Ito [KISSonix] 【Script Adviser】Keisuke Azuma [MMJ], Yasuro Ito 【CGI Director】
Kazuya Sakagami [N-DESIGN], Masahiro Nakazawa [SANTY],
Shunsuke Ohyama [digidelic], Jitsuhisa Shibata [UNIT]
【Lead Charactor modeler】
Kentaro Koyaku [PictREGO], Takehiko Hoashi [studio picapixels]
【Lead Environment modeler】
Yota Tasaki [Khaki], Hirokazu Yokohara [Khaki], Masamitsu Nakamoto [UNIT]
【Digital Artist】
Lennart Kula [bitCLAY], Shinya Onda [studio picapixels], Misa Goto [studio picapixels],
Shunsuke Imaizumi [studio picapixels], Takahiro Yamaguchi [SANTY],
Motoya Shimada [digidelic], Yuji Kojima [digidelic], Tomoaki Yamamoto [N-DESIGN],
Airi Kikuchi [N-DESIGN], Takeshi Toyoda [BUHISTAR INC.],
Keisuke Sekii [digidelic], Daiki Aizawa [digidelic], Yutaka Inoue [digidelic],
Shingo Tonehira [digidelic], Yasuko Nagata [N-DESIGN], Toshiya Akahori [N-DESIGN],
Kei Iiduka [UNIT], Tatsuki Fukushima [UNIT], Kouya Masubuchi [UNIT],
Haruhiko Shono [WILL], Hiromi Aoyanagi [WILL], Yoshihisa Okano [N-DESIGN],
Rintaro Fukuda [N-DESIGN], Yoichi Morishita [N-DESIGN]
【Rigging Supervisor】Richard Haw [Attic] 【Lead Rigger】Shinji Ameda [Attic], Masahiko Takaramura [N-DESIGN] 【Rigging Assistant】Tamae Sasamoto [Attic] 【Mocap Techinical Director】Sakura Munakata [MOZOO INC.] 【Mocap Animator】Yusuke Kita [MOZOO INC.] 【Mocap Editor】
Saki Sato [MOZOO INC.], Tsuneaki Yamada [MOZOO INC.],
Haruka Ishihara [MOZOO INC.]
【Mocap Staff】Natsuki Sunohara [MOZOO INC.] 【Action coordinator】Tatsuro Koike [ALPHA STUNTS] 【Wireaction】Akihiro Noguchi [ALPHA STUNTS] 【Motoko】Masahumi Oishi, Kaori Kawabuchi 【Batou】Minoru Tomita [AAC STUNTS] 【Suspect】Kaiji Soze 【Armored Suit】Hiromi Sinjyo [ACFactory] 【Production coordinator】
Yoshihiro Komatsu [Attic], Takuya Fujita [N-DESIGN], Shiho Kato [N-DESIGN]
【Sound Director】Yoshikazu Iwanami 【Recording】Hitoshi Yamada 【Dialog Effect】Takayuki Yamaguchi 【Dialog Editor】Yuko kai 【Sound Production】Jinnan Studio 【Sound Production Manager】Shuhei Abe
SIGN Members
【Creative Director】Nobumichi Asai [WOW inc] 【Technical Director】Toshiyuki Takahei [ORIHALCON Technologies] 【Technical Producer】Satoru Itoya 【Executive Producer】Mikio Gunji [Production I.G] 【Producer】Atsunori Maeshima [Production I.G] 【Assistant Producer】Hiroyuki Ogino [Production I.G]

Produced by SIGN, Production I.G


Note: Click to receive the video URL by e-mail.

Enjoy a breathtaking cyberbrain hack in 3D 360° virtual reality on the official Youtube smartphone app.

About the 3D feature. VR goggles such as Google Cardboard are needed to watch in 3D.
More about Google Cardboard:

How to watch 1. Before playing the video, tap on the Cardboard icon to split the screen in two.
2. Insert your smartphone in your Google Cardboard or other VR goggles.
3. You can look around to see the video in every direction.